Horseshit Magazine (a complete set)

Horseshit Magazine, An Offensive Review – $100
(A few posters will be included)
By Thomas Dunker and Robert Dunker

(Detailed description at bottom of page)


Reviews and Comments from readers:

Johnathon says:

As an owner of all four issues of Horseshit! for a few years now, I would like to thank you for your work. Your brother’s writing inspired me to take up the pen myself. Having Multiple Sclerosis and being in my late 20’s has given me a very different view of the world from what I once had, and you both showed me that my way of thinking wasn’t reserved to my brain only.

Thank you,


Thomas P. recently sent these comments:

. . . I’m truly honored to be communicating with you. I confess to being late to the Horseshit party, I didn’t discover the magazine until 1975 . . . and it was love at first sight! My first reaction was that I had never seen or read anything quite like it. Now, decades later, I’m a veteran of Amok . . . Loompanics . . . Factsheet Five . . . and way too many “off-the-beaten-path” publications to remember them all.

The remarkable thing about that? I can still truthfully still say that I have still not read anything like Horseshit. It is in a class of its own, and I mean that as a compliment. Who knows, had I discovered it in high school, maybe Vietnam would have been a place that I watched on the news, instead of actually going there. Oh well, that’s the way it went, but better late than never. . . .

David H. said:

I ordered the full set of Horseshit Magazine from you earlier this
summer, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them! I read
all four issues over the summer. I think you and Tom made one of the
best underground mags of the 60’s, no kidding. They’re like a breath of
fresh air (sorry for the cliche).

Steve W. said:

So much talent and thought-provoking matter still accurate and relevant today.


Detailed description:

Horseshit Magazines (sold in sets only, four issues – complete set)
Author: Thomas Dunker
Publisher: Private
Date: 1965 to 1969
Edition: Mixed, number four is a first edition, others later editions.
Pages: #1 has 44pp, 2 & 3 have 48pp each, 4 has 56pp
Size (inches): 8 and 1/2 in. x 11 and 1/2 in.
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated by Bob Dunker
Binding: Oversize softcover, stiff covers. Covers of 3 and 4 in color.
Condition: New condition, have been in storage
Price: $100 for all four issues, complete set. Free shipping within the USA.
For overseas shipping costs contact seller.

The anti-war posters featured in #4 are for sale in lots, contact seller.
Note: Horseshit Magazine was more than an anti-war publication, it is loaded with stories, essays and humor as well as art on every page.
(A few posters will be included)

8 Comments for this entry

  • Gordon Hutchison

    I’ve thought of you guys on and off for 50 years—since the 60s and your first issue. Ecstatic to find you and the magazine are still around.

    So how do we arrange payment?

  • Jim Root

    I e-mailed you today, not knowing this site existed, so redundancy is in order. LOL You two geniuses have had such an incredible impact on me for so many years! I just turned 77, and I have sought to locate copies of your outstandingly brilliant magazines for many years. I could not believe such treasures were not available somewhere, so I UN-dauntingly pursued searching, then LO, here you are. Accolades, honors and other well deserved praise should be your deserved dessert. You gentlemen have brought more smiles to my face, and thank you. By the way, may I have the great pleasure to purchase your magazines?

  • Tom Desjardins

    I grew up in Manhattan Beach and my older brother worked at Either/Or Bookstore in downtown Hermosa Beach in the late sixties.

    I still have the first 3 issues he brought home from work. I can’t begin to tell you what an impact it made on my impressionable naïve draft aged mind. I just wanted to say thank you and to wish you the best.


  • Eddie Gonsalves

    Received my order of Horse Shit. You know how to ship.
    It was like an archaeological dig to get to them! BUT,
    because of this they arrived in pristine condition. When I got it open the first thing I saw was the back cover of #3. Instant memories. Per our correspondence, that’s the only issue I STILL possess from Viet Nam. Thank you,
    Thank you. BTW, I Will be ordering more from you. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you Bob.

  • John W. Tilford

    I subscribed (I forget how) to the Equine Products magazine while in Vietnam with the Marine Corps. Didn’t go over very well with my superiors. I loved it.

  • John Unholz

    The work you and your brother were doing was already about 50 years ahead of its time!

  • Byron Werner

    Long time fan. Own all 4 issues. Thank you for such a concentrated counter-cultural experience just when the world needed it. Would love someday to see a deluxe hardcover compilation of all 4 issues on archival paper, with possibly some interviews with the Dunker boys. Current hard times would warrant it.

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