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Learning is something entirely different from what it is commonly supposed to be. We think of it as we do of schoolwork, as a memorization of facts, but the actual learning process only comes from life itself, never from what others tell us. This kind of learning leaves nothing in the mind which can be expressed by words but instead tempers the mind, forming it to a new vision of things. The result of this process is not an accumulation of information but rather a sweeping away of previous ideas, and a new view of things.

Some people talk to themselves and some talk to others and for the most part it is all nonsense, brief puffs of wind from loose lips. The author of this book did his share of talking but he also spent hours each day creating original and sometimes disturbing thoughts while muttering to himself as he bent over his typewriter. A random selection of his insights form this book, none of which are nonsense nor loose puffs of wind. Some of his truant thoughts might be called ruses, but all are well worth reading and thinking about.

Tom Dunker lived for over 45 years paralyzed from the shoulders down. His left hand was better than his right and could be used for minor tasks but all of his fingers were constantly curled. He could get out of bed for only a few hours every day and when he did he would uncurl the forefingers on each hand so he could type hunt-and-peck method on his electric typewriter. He lived until he was 70 and left boxes and boxes of manuscripts.

This is the first book printed from this hoard and it will probably frighten many readers and hopefully, enlighten many more.

Quadriplegics are true heroes and martyrs whose daily suffering would crush any walking hero you may admire. Being physically inert, trapped in a non-responsive carcass without control of the bladder or bowels, unable to scratch one’s own back or feet, unable to pick up anything dropped, unable to get out of a chair or bed unassisted; entombed in living flesh that aches and sends urgent messages that cannot be answered, is truly living death; torture to a degree unimaginable to a normal walking person.

Quadriplegics are alive, yet condemned to exist in a breathing, feeling body that is almost like being buried in a sealed casket from which there is no escape until death. The mental stress is unbelievable, the physical strain unbearable. Quadriplegia is a curse of being damned while alive, immobilized in non-responsive warm flesh frozen in cold reality.

Yet suffering to such an extreme degree cauterizes the nonsense, yes nonsense, normal people live with, believe and practice. Suffering and it’s insights stimulates the brain and investigative talents normal people seldom use and have been trained to ignore.

Tom’s suffering gave him views of reality normal people would never conceive nor dare consider. We all close our minds to terrors and unsocial deviations so we can survive in our social group, non criticized, accepted and content—though self blinded. Every society has taboos that members must not violate if they wish to remain an acceptable member.

This book will show you different glimpses of reality you have been trained to ignore and deny, the world you live in without the rose-tinted glasses and threatening restrictions—penetrated and revealed. Your mind has been molded to make you an acceptable member of society, and you have never questioned that training because since infancy you could move your fingers and you could scratch your own ass.

Tom delighted in nonsense but his written nonsense is more than amusing, it has more common sense than any book written before now.

Troubled people, even those who were not paralyzed, turned to Tom for advice. He often cheered up despondent healthy people with a joke or the turn of a phrase.

His eyes were opened and perhaps what is written here will open the eyes of others to the truths he could see.

Enjoy the truth, now revealed.

—Robert M. Dunker

From page 15:

A Test Laboratory For All Believers
There are many people in this country who are not convinced of the truth of any of the regular religions, nor do they really believe in ESP or Eastern Mysticism or in other claims for supernatural powers, but neither do they see any way to either prove or disprove these beliefs. It would seem to be an insurmountable task to set up scientif­ic experiments to try to verify all such claims—who could afford the tremendous expense in time and money?

But we’re in luck—there is already a place set up where all such beliefs can be tested. It is called Las Vegas.

All a person who believes in the power of prayer has to do is go to Las Vegas and begin gambling. If prayer really works, they will win continuously until they have driven the casino out of business.

Then they can announce the results to the newspapers and the next day, move on to another casino. Think of it as Good vs. Evil, God against the Mafia. What a story! What a sensation that will make!

As casino after casino is bankrupted and forced to close its doors, imagine the number of sinners and skeptics who will be converted. They will be kneeling in hordes, and blocking the Strip, praying—and then dashing off to the nearest blackjack game. . . .

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  • BG

    This is one of the best books I have ever read. I love the conversational/thinking-together style. It engages the reader. Always interesting, entertaining, “thought-provoking,” frequently humorous.

  • Thomas Macrae

    When Pilate asked about truth he should have tried quadriplegics or children. Thrust into fire for years the author sees llfe with little dross and comes to us refined. Great book.

  • David

    In the early 1970’s I kept seeing an ad for a magazine with the strangest name. The magazine was what I, a teenager thought to be an expensive price for only four issues. I sent my money off to “Equine Products” and in less than 2 weeks I held in My hands something so unique, beautiful and creatively mind altering, I knew that I would have to hide it from Mom and Dad, because they simply would never understand. The whiteing in the magazines touched upon so many serious topics, yet there were many things in there that made me laugh in ways that seemes to give me more mature thinking with each laugh. the illustrations had a graceful fluidity that made them so much more than literal “Pictures ” of things . . . I loved to draw, and I would study there great drawings . . . I can recall so many of them, many with symbolism that could get me thinking about something serious for hours . . . When I ordered the magazine, I thought it would show naked ladies and have goofey jokes, such as “The National Lampoon” but this magazine of only 4 issues was somehow different . . . it wasent really a magazine, it was like a special modern testament for those who were not (as the magazine said:) “Children or idiots” this was so much of the hippie, anti war free love make pot legal thinking of the 1960’s early seventies that had been distilled by Tom and Bob Dunker into 4 slick covered issues. I have not held these mind changing issues in my hands in decades, but I still have them , in the cells of my personality, There was the coming of age story about white the brother and sister in a tropical culture . . . a simple silhouette drawing was so erotic, that showed the boy fucking his own sister! There was the drawing of a close up of a hairy pussey of a woman in her thirties next to the sweet tight pussey of of a 17 year old. . . . I laughed at the poem about old fat bitchy wives . . . “Gobble and eat . . . he must bring home the meat!” drawings of various marines from one of the Dunker brothers time in the military . . . “food air . . . shit” discribed what went into one marine, while another marine repeated the phraise: “in da old corps . . . in da old corpse” the illustration of Robert Kennedy singing, playing an electric guitar, it’s plug being pulled out because an air plane hits him in the head . . . that told a story! The article about the Black Muslims . . . So it’s ok that over the years I misplaced this work of literary and illustrative art, because I know that my BRAIN is permanently seasoned with the finest “HORSE SHIT.”

  • Stephen H.

    Ordered Truant Thoughts after reading some of the excerpts and being impressed with the book would be an understatement. Illuminating, irreverent, intelligent and humorous and I’m only half way through. I also ordered some of the posters and the rest of the books by the Dunkers. Can’t wait to get into them either. The items were shipped fast, carefully packaged and I wasn’t gouged for the shipping. Can’t wait to order the magazines! Thank you, sirs, for some fine, fine work.

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